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6st Hampshire Toddler Faces Race Against Time To Find Cure

A 3-year-old boy who defeated a deadly brain tumor is at risk of losing his existence again while he is extra weight so rapidly.

Freddie Search, from Yateley, Hampshire, weighs 5st 13lbs – but he cannot stop piling around the pounds due to his hypothalamic weight problems.

It had been triggered after an invasive operation that removed 90 percent from the fist-sized tumor in the brain broken a nerve, doctors believe.

The pioneering surgery in America required place following a NHS’ refusal to function on Freddie, while he was considered high-risk.

Just 20 days after having surgery, his belly started to bloat. However he is not in a position to walk by himself or perhaps crunches after wearing greater than three stone in only six several weeks.

Heartbreaking photos reveal the way the last-resort cancer treatment is finished using the toddler, who’s blind in a single eye, now unhappy and sofa-bound.

Freddie Hunt, from Yateley, Hampshire, weighs 5st 13lbs – but he cannot stop piling on the pounds because of his hypothalamic obesity

It was triggered after an invasive operation that removed 90 per cent of the fist-sized tumour in his brain damaged a nerve, doctors believe

His parents are desperate for a cute as his fat retained in the body is already putting a strain on his liver and heart.

His mother Abi Hunt said: ‘We’re going to need something quick for him, because he’s not going to be around at this time next year.

‘We don’t have any options left. If the drugs we want are unlicensed we’ll try them, because we are going to lose him anyway if we don’t.

‘He’s obviously got the fat on his liver and around his heart and things like that, and that’s no good for his little size. He’s too small for his body to take it.

‘It’s really tough, you know, just because it’s a constant chain of trying to battle all the time for him.

‘When you feel fed up, drained and heartbroken the last thing you want to do is to keep fighting to save your child’s life.’

Freddie, who flinches when touched and cries when lifted due to his sensitive skin, smiles if somebody asks how he’s doing.

Rather the toddler, who enjoys having fun with his Peppa Pig toy with his sister Carol, just replies having a timid ‘good, thank you’.

Just 20 days after going under the knife, his belly began to bloat. But now he is no longer able to walk on his own or even sit up after putting on more than three stone in just six months (pictured with his mother Abi, father David, and four-year-old sister Holly)

Heartbreaking photos reveal how the last-resort cancer treatment has ended with the toddler, who is blind in one eye, now unhappy and sofa-bound (pictured with Holly)

However when the household walk out town, they’re welcomed with stares and comments regarding Freddie’s weight.

When their boy stacked on around 3lbs in a single month, his parents known as their local hospital for any check-up.

These were believing that a couple of doses of drugs would conquer the ultimate hurdle after everything they were through.

Rather, these were met with apologetic looks when talking to experts at Frimley Park Hospital.

Because of the mind surgery, Freddie developed hypothalamic weight problems, brought on by damaging a nerve within the brain that controls our body’s metabolic process.

Freddie was initially identified as having a brain tumor on September 22 this past year, as he was accepted to hospital for epileptic seizures.

At that time, he’d suffer as much as 80 of these each day.

A brain scan revealed the tumor was how big his fist and it was deeply baked into the tissue.

Doctors cautioned the mother and father there is nothing they might do – plus they rather switched their hopes to Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona.

They were able to fundraise £450,000 hoping of attempting proton therapy treatment via a Facebook page.

Up to 50 % was elevated through hoodies printed with Freddie’s name in it and blue heart necklaces offered online.

Mrs Hunt added: ‘He has been so amazing. It’s our current inspiration, to be honest, because he is so happy and he doesn’t moan.

‘None of us feel weak and moan about our situation, because it must be far worse for him. He can’t walk.’

‘When I finally got to speak to him after surgery i said: ‘”How are you?” and he went: “I’m good.” I just went: “Are you? Bless your heart”.’

Knowing the fat retained in his body is already putting a strain on his liver and heart, his parents are desperate for a cure

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