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Student Spent £5,000 On A Nose Job Before An Old Friend Broke It In A Brutal High-Heel Attack

A student who spent £5,000 on a new nose had it broken in a nasty attack while sat on a nightclub toilet with an ‘old school friend’.

Holly Ellis, 23, said an old school friend was aware of her operation and ‘kicked the s*** out of her face’ while wearing high heels.

Holly Ellis

Ms Ellis was ‘completely devastated’ after the vicious attack in Newcastle city centre, which left her face distorted.

Only recently had she had a closed rhinoplasty operation surgery in London after waiting years to get a bump in her nose fixed one month before the attack on Friday night.

Ms Ellis, from Grantham, Lincolnshire, was self-conscious about her nose during her time at school and was thrilled to get it corrected.

Ms Ellis, (pictured) from Grantham, Lincolnshire, was self-conscious about her nose and paid £5,000 for surgery

But she believes the suspect, who she had not seen for around 12 years, knew about the surgery and chose to attack her.

She told: ‘I’m still in shock and completely devastated with the state of my nose after waiting for years to have surgery to take the lump away.’

The special effects and media make-up student was out with her cousin and a friend at the illegitimate nightclub in the busy city centre when the attack took place.

The 23-year-old student (pictured) was rushed to hospital and is now worried she needs more nose surgery

She said she ran into one of her old classmates and they were ‘catching up’ in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Ms Ellis said: ‘She mentioned she is a mother. I said that’s nice and she didn’t like the fact I’d said that’s nice.

‘She was being on and off. She mentioned that me and a friend had been a bit of a b**** to her in school.

‘I said to her to stop being silly, that girls can be b****** and that it was 12 years ago.’

She then went into the toilet and sat on one of the cubicles, leaving the door open so she could talk to her friends.

Holly, whose nose job news had been all over social media, said she went into the ladies room with the girls and sat in one of the cubicles on the toilet.

She ended up getting her nose broken in a nightclub

However, she said she left the cubicle door open so they could continue their conversation.

She added: ‘Then she just came in and started kicking me in the face with her heels on.

‘I was sat on the toilet and tried to protect my face. Because I just had my nose done I was protecting it. I went to the floor.

‘She knew I had always hated my nose. So she knew I hated my nose and she probably realised my look had gone.’

The student was ‘covered in blood’ and taken to hospital where she found out her nose was broken in several places and fears she might have to get the job redone.

Ms Ellis was ‘covered in blood’ and later found out her nose had been broken in several places

A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said: ‘Police are investigating an assault at Illegitimate Club, Bigg Market in Newcastle city centre at approximately 2.40am in the early hours of Saturday, July 29.

‘A 23-year-old woman was assaulted and received facial injuries.

‘Police are appealing for witnesses, anyone with information is asked to contact Northumbria Police on 101 quoting reference 201 of 29/07/17.’

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