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Siege Countries Reacting To Imaginary Issues, Says AOHR

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Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR), said that the meeting of foreign ministers of the siege countries in Bahrain did not provide any new information and told that the countries are just dissipating efforts and resources on imaginary issues.

AOHR added that siege countries could have focused on the Israeli occupation crimes but instead chose to waste their efforts and resources on imaginary issues.

The foreign ministers of siege countries insist on demands that oppose global laws, especially in the fields of freedom of expression, journalism and the judicial proceedings on the extradition of suspects, AOHR added.

AOHR also said that the siege countries were running away from the siege violations against Qataris and their own citizens, where many of them have lost the right of mobility, education, healthcare, employment, ownership, family reunification and performing the religious rituals of hajj and umra.

It also explained that justifying these acts contradicts with international laws, for the Saudi authorities to manipulate the basic right of 20,000 Qatari citizens and residents who wish to perform pilgrimage, proves that these authorities are using fundamental rights, recognized by international laws, to serve its political agendas, AOHR said.

Despite Saudi Foreign Minister’s statement, which said Saudi welcomes any visitor to Mecca, the reality showed that the Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umra rejected to communicate with Qatar‘s Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs as well as to receive the list of this year’s pilgrims.

The organisation suggested that it would be logical to announce procedures like exchanging temporary consular missions to facilitate hajj procedures, it also asked Saudi to open the borders during the hajj period for direct flights and guarantee safety to the pilgrims.

Finally, it warned the siege countries to stop wasting time and efforts on useless topics, in times where the Arab region and the world need to focus their efforts to settle bloody crises storming the region, in addition they need to oppose to Israeli crimes in occupied Palestine.

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