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Ringleader Of Child Sex Gang To Be Released From Prison 17 Years Early

A disgusting leader of a child sex gang has been released from prison 17 years early.

Mubarek Ali, 34-year-old, is just five years into his 22-year prison sentence for his role in the Telford gang.

The sexual grooming gang targeted girls as young as 13 for two years straight.

In 2013 during Operation Chalice he was caught.

Now, Ali, is reportedly set to be released come November.

Telford MP Lucy Allen said that it could risk putting Ali in the same community that he preyed on.

In an open letter to the Shropshire Star, she wrote:

“Victims and members of the public would have expected a 22-year-old sentence to mean that the community could have time to heal and victims would be able to get on with their lives.

What we see in this case is that one the main perpretrators is being released into the community only five years the trial.

This is clearly of enormous concern to victims in this case, especially those gave evidence in court.”

Fellow ringleader Ahdel Ali, 27, was sentenced to 26 years imprisonment.

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