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McDonald's Customer Finds Beef In Her Burger Is Raw

A disgusted woman took a bite out of her McDonald’s Quarter Pounder and found that the meat was completely raw.

She ordered Quarter Pounder meals for herself and her children at a Darwin McDonald’s store on a Sunday lunch treat. After taking the first bite she thought that something was not right with the meat.

She peeled back the bread, and discovered that it hadn’t been cooked.

A McDonald’s customer found the patty was RAW when she took a bite of her Quarter Pounder

‘I took all the burgers back and the manager came racing around the corner and shook my hand and said she’d speak to the staff members,’ the customer said.

She told NT News that her meals were replaced with chicken burgers, but she wasn’t offered a refund.

She said that she couldn’t even eat the chicken burger, because she still felt ill from the raw meat in the first.

She said that when she asked a representative from head office to contact her, he told her that policy dictated the meat only had to be checked once in a 24 hour period.

‘I said I wasn’t happy with the response and that I’d be taking it to the health and safety food inspectors and she just said ‘do what you’ve got to do’,’ she said.

The customer also confessed that she’d been turned off eating at McDonald’s for life. 

After finding RAW meat in a burger, the customer said she’s been turned off McDonald’s for life

A company spokeswoman told The Daily Mail that McDonald’s takes food safety very seriously and incidents such as these are rare.

‘The restaurant confirmed the issue was isolated and did not affect any other products,’ she said. ‘We have also reinforced cooking procedures with this restaurant.’

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