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Best Beaches to visit during summer in Qatar

Read on to know about the best beaches in Qatar.

Qatar is a peninsula with a majority of its land covered by the Arabia Sea. This means plenty of beaches and fun! Want to know which beaches to visit for some fun in the sun? Here is your travel guide for the summer holidays in Qatar! Read on below.

Al Ghariya Beach

Historically this was the location of a desert camp, and is now popular with desert campers. The beach boasts sandy shores and is a hit with locals and expats alike. This is a family friendly beach that people frequent for overnight stays and fun weekends in the sun.

There is a resort on the beach called the Al Ghariya Beach Resort where you can order drinks from the pool, dine in fabulous restaurants and wear more westernized swimwear.

Simaisma Family Beach 

This beach was opened very recently. It takes about 25 – 30 minutes to reach from Doha. It’s very clean and safe, and not frequented by too many people (since it’s new). Simaisma is a great place for family to enjoy some water and barbeque fun in the sun.

Al Khor Family Beach

This beach is made especially for families. There are lots of facilities provided for visitors to the beach. Barbecue grills are at the ready for people to use, and bathrooms and showers are also available for people who want to go for a swim. There’s a grassy area near the beach where you can chill and hang out as well. Those who love karak there’s a Tea Time located nearby to add to the tranquil ambiance. It’s approximately 45 minutes away from Doha.

Khor Al Adaid via Sealine 

This beach is about 30 minutes away from Sealine Beach. The Inland Sea is actually located near the Qatar-Saudi border. However to get to the Inland Sea, you have to drive through some sand dunes. It’s better to have an experienced driver navigate and take you to the Inland Sea, and if you’re not used to driving on the dunes then you shouldn’t drive. But it’s definitely worth it, the beach is really scenic and very clean. Overall it takes about two and a half hours to get there.


Al Dhakira Beach

The largest mangrove preserve in Qatar is in Al Dhakira. It’s the perfect place to kayak and fish. Barbecuing at the beach is always a great option, so get your grill and cook your own meals. It’s a great place to go with family and friends, and you can enjoy by organizing your own games and activities as well.

Fuwairit Beach

Furwairit beach is pretty close to Maroona and is a long white sandy coastline. It is popular for camping, barbequing and kite surfing , however there are no facilities located near the beach. The beach also offers an unusual sight of eroded hills meeting the water’s edge. The strange shapes in the rock face, resembling Gruyere cheese, make for great photos. This beach is also home to the Hawksbill sea turtle hatching site, but it depends on the season. During this season, a section of the beach is closed and fenced off. Visitors are not permitted to interact with the turtles. It takes around one and a half to two hours to reach the beach from Doha.


Zekreet Beach 

Zekreet is known for its rock formations and the Richard Serra Art Piece located in the middle of the desert. The terrain is slightly rockier in comparison to the other beaches, which are sandier. The water crystal clear. This too is a great place to visit either during the week or the weekend; it’s generally not busy. It’s also a good location to go camping and to have barbecues. This beach is approximately 45 – 50 minutes away from Doha.
Umm Bab

Umm Bab, also known as “Palm Tree Beach”, is a settlement in Qatar that is located in the municipality of Al Rayyan. It’s known as Palm Tree beach as it is home to a small cluster of palm trees. It used to be part of the Al Jemailya municipality before the municipality was incorporated into Al Rayyan.

Wakrah Beach 

This beach is also known for its mangroves, although not as much as Dhakira Beach. They even have the little fish in the water that nibble at your dead skin cells, like how they have at spas in Far East Asia. Wakrah also has a designated family area, and will not allow people who aren’t with their families to enter. This beach is also located close to many stores and restaurants so it’s easy to pick up supplies on the way. It’s approximately 25 – 30 minutes away from Doha.

Maroona Beach 

Maroona beach is to the south of Fuwairit beach. Some people also call this the French Beach. We’re not entirely sure why though. Perhaps a lot of French people like to frequent it However, the sand is really fine and too soft for camping. It is popular with westerners and many ladies wear their bikinis at this beach. It is a relatively small beach.

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