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Qatar Foreign Minister Lashes Out At Siege Countries

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Foreign Minister H E Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said that the speeches of foreign ministers of four blockading countries in Manama had different views and clearly lacked a clear vision.

Speaking to Al Jazeera Arabic channel, the Foreign Minister said: “What came out from the meeting was a bunch of contradictions in addition to the previous contradictions that we heard from the statements given by the officials of blockading countries”.

The foreign ministers of siege countries met in Bahrain to discuss the crisis. The four states issued a joint statement saying Qatar must respond to the 13 demands it has made and only then the bloc would be “ready for dialogue”.

The four countries claimed that they were complying with the International Law but their demands were breaching the law obviously, said the Minister.

“The statement said that Qatar should respond to the 13 demands and six principles of Cairo. And this is clear violation to the demands itself that stipulate in a clause that the demands became invalid after ten days and it shows their rigidity”.

The Minister added: “The remaining clauses of Manama statement do not have a clear vision. They are continuing ahead with their rigid policy and are not admitting that the steps taken against Qatar are illegal and unfair. They are showing that they respect international law but there is a clear violation of international law in all steps taken against Qatar”.

The minister said that the actions clearly violated the international declaration of human rights, international law, freedom of movement and many more violations mentioned in the remaining clauses.

The Foreign Minister pointed out the “statements of the ministers are not clear and there is no continuity towards a particular direction”.

He denied issuance of any statement from Qatari officials regarding internationalisation of Haj, it was cleared that no measure was taken to look into the issue of Haj and the minister explained that Qatar did not politicise Haj and unfortunately it was politicised by Saudi Arabia.

The statement by the four countries claimed that all actions taken by them against Qatar were a matter of sovereignty and it is according to the Intentional Law. They also stressed that Doha must comply with six principles in addition to their 13 demands.

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