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Girl, 3, Dies After Doctors Found Needles Inside Her

A little girl died after being used as a ‘voodoo doll’ by her mother’s superstitious boss.

The child, 3, was sexually assaulted, and was taken to hospital in Kolkata, West Bengal in a critical condition on July 15.

Doctors told that the child had suffered multiple internal injuries — some of which were inflicted around her private parts, India Today reports.

‘There are as many as seven needles forced into the child’s body,’ the hospital commented on her initial state.

The three-year-old’s mother rushed the tragic youngster to hospital where medics discovered needles had been injected into her body during horrific ‘black magic’ abuse

‘The needles could not be taken out as it may cause further damage to her body. She is kept under observation.’

The incident came into light when her mother took her to Bankura Medical College with a suspected fever. She was tortured and abused badly.

The doctors discovered that the child had been brutally abused and that needles had been injected into her body.

Further external injuries were also discovered, including ones close to her private parts that were caused by needles.

The needles removed from the child’s body: A police report suspects the child’s mother’s boss had carried out the horrifying abuse and used her body as a ‘voodoo doll’ 

Police reported that former home guard, Sanatan Thakur, who is in his mid-50s – practises voodoo and black magic.

The culprit had employed the child’s mother as a domestic worker and used the child as a voodoo doll.

He even abused the three-year-old’s body to practise black magic.

On July 18, the doctors successfully removed all seven needles from the tragic youngster’s tiny body, and she was kept under observation.

But today the hospital confirmed she had died: ‘She succumbed to sepsis and pneumonia between 2am and 3am,’ a hospital source said.

Police have lodged a case under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act against Sanatan Thakur who is on the run and still at large.

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