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Man Denies Raping And Impregnating 11-Year-Old Girl Says She Raped Him

A man charged with raping and impregnating an 11-year-old girl has claimed that she might have had sex with him while he slept.

The accused, Justin Armstrong, 38, was taken to the court and pleaded not guilty to forcible child rape after the girl confided in her relative that she was pregnant.

Springfield District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts where the allegations were heard

Prosecutors say Armstrong initially told police the girl said she had been abused by a relative.

When the accused heard that the girl was pregnant he allegedly changed his story.

He told the court that he was raped by her while he was sleeping.

Her pregnancy was aborted.

Results of DNA testing performed on the fetal tissue are pending.

Armstrong, of Springfield, was held on $50,000 (£38,000) bail after pleading not guilty to forcible child rape, reports The Republican newspaper reports.

The accused lawyer Anna-Marie Puryear said his client denied the allegations and will next appear in court on August 24.

Ms Puryear said he is cooperating with investigators.

He has voluntarily submitted a DNA sample for testing.

Photo: The Sun

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