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Pregnant Delhi Woman Strangled To Death By Her Husband As Her Chappatis Are Not Round

In a bizarre incident a husband killed his pregnant wife as she couldn’t make him perfectly round chappatis.

On Saturday the incident occurred in northwest Delhi’s Jahangirpuri but it came to light early Sunday morning. The police were called by the victim’s brother around 4am. He told the police that his sister was lying unconscious in her flat while her four-year-old daughter was locked up in a room.

The victim, Simran, was rushed to the hospital but she was declared dead on arrival. She was four months pregnant.

The husband was nowhere to be found.

Their four-year-old daughter told the police that her parents often used to quarrel because of her mother’s chapatis.

“My mother was a good cook but the chapati shape angered my father,” she said.

The couple fight again on Saturday night, around 10.30pm, during which Simran’s husband kicked her in the stomach. When the daughter tried to save her mother she was dragged by her father to another room and locked her up. After sometime he strangled her wife to death.

The couple was in a live-in relationship for a year before getting married five years ago. For the last two years her husband is working at a factory because his business had flopped.

Photo: Indiatimes

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