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Arab States Release New List Of Terrorist Entities Backed By Qatar. Here’s The Truth Behind It

A new list of terrorists that are backed by Qatar has been released by the Arab states opposing Qatar. After Qatar rejected the first list containing 13 demands and the second given just a few days back with 6 “principles” now the Arab states have gone a step ahead.

The first list of “terrorism” was rejected by the UN after it said the list was baseless and contained names of people who were philanthropists.

Now Saudi Arabia and team has come up with a new list, which has 18 names, nine of which are terrorist groups and nine of which are individuals that they claim Qatar is backing.

Here is the list:


1-AL- Balagh Charitable Foundation – Yemen
2-Al-Ihsan Charitable Society – Yemen
3-Rahma Charitable Organization – Yemen
4-Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council– Libya
5-Al-Saraya Media Center– Libya
6-Boshra News Agency – Libya
7-Rafallah Sahati Brigade – Libya
8-Nabaa TV – Libya
9-Tanasuh Foundation for Dawa, Culture and Media – Libya


1-Khalid Saeed al-Bounein (Qatari Citizen)
2-Shaqer Jummah al-Shahwani (Qatari Citizen)
3-Saleh bin Ahmed al-Ghanim (Qatari Citizen)
4-Hamid Hamad Hamid al-Ali (Kuwaiti Citizen)
5-Abdullah Mohammed al-Yazidi (Yemeni Citizen)
6-Ahmed Ali Ahmed Baraoud (Yemeni Citizen)
7-Mohammed Bakr al-Dabaa (Yemeni Citizen)
8-Al-Saadi Abdullah Ibrahim Bukhazem (Libyan Citizen)
9-Ahmed Abd al-Jaleel al-Hasnawi (Libyan Citizen)

Almost all of the entities and a few of the individuals named are all real. But their connection to terrorism is a lie. Almost all the entities mentioned are all small charitable organisation while a few were small scale media houses functioning in these respective countries. Other established terrorist organisation have nothing to do with Qatar and as the country has proclaimed that it has nothing to do with terrorism.

Since Saudi Arabia is heading a proxy war in Yemen they do not wish any coverage or help be given to any people there. Yemen is suffering some of the worst famines, mass deaths and disease outbreaks in its history and the proxy war is one of the major contributors to this problem.

This is why these entities are on the list.

On the matter of individuals Khalid Saeed al-Bounein, Shaqer Jummah al-Shahwani and Saleh bin Ahmed al-Ghanim are well known Qatari UN workers who have played a major role in charitable and relief activities in war struck or impoverished parts of the middle-east.

Khalid Saeed al-Bounein is a Qatari real estate investor and charity coordinator. In early 2016, Al-Bounein volunteered with a Qatar Charity delegation to deliver relief materials to Syrian refugees in Iraq. The delegation delivered winter relief items to refugees in the Iraqi Kurdistan cities of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Dohuk. But his work has been criticized as helping to fund terrorist groups.

The same goes for the other two Qatari names mentioned. These individuals are UN appointed to help collect and deliver relief in Syria. For this reason, being called as terrorist entities.

As for the other individuals mentioned on the list not much is known about who they are or what connection they have to Qatar but it is clear that like last time Saudi and co., are trying hard to provide a list of not proven terrorist or terrorist organisations but rather a list of people that annoy them. They get in their way of Middle-eastern domination and destruction and they wish these entities be removed so they can go on with their violations.

Qatar will not stand for this and will probably seek help from international bodies to correct Saudi Arabia and its followers.

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