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Here Are The 12 Steps That Should Be Followed For Filing Claims With Compensation Committee

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The Compensation Claims Committee has explained and released the procedures involved in submitting a compliant for redress.

Check out the 12 point list below:

  1. The applicant should attach a legal authorisation for the person submitting a claim on his/her behalf to the committee.
    2. A copy of the livestock exit document from Qatar for all types of animals, such as camels, sheep and goats, and birds needs to be provided.
    3. Copies of receipts and invoices required for furniture, electrical appliances, etc, and other relevant documents.
    4. Copies of ownership contracts and financial transactions pertaining to private real estate, apartments and houses to be provided.
    5. For university students’ claims, documents showing the number of academic hours gained, university registration and fee payment receipts need to be attached.
    6. For medical treatment in the siege countries, a copy of appointments and receipts for the previous sessions’ fees has to be provided.
    7. Regarding bank accounts in any of the blockading countries, a copy of all related transactions, bank statements and cards has to be furnished.
    8. With regard to workforce in any of the blockading countries, a document proving the sponsorship of workers affected there and copies of their passports and exit permits from Qatar have to be provided.
    9. Regarding air ticket purchases to pass through the siege countries or go there, a copy of all such reservations and related payment receipts should be attached.
    10. For issues related to the severing of ties with relatives in the blockading countries or renewal of passports there, a copy of the passport of the affected person needs to be provided.
    11. For products bought online, over phone or through persons or parties in the siege countries, and which were never delivered to the purchaser, a copy of the relevant money transfer and payment is required.
    12. Companies that have incurred losses due to the blockade need to submit claims and complaints along with supporting documents to Qatar Chamber.

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