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OFW Trailer Driver In Saudi Arabia Arrested By Alleged Policemen But Has Not Returned Home Yet!

Overseas Filipino Workers endure some terrible hardships that people back home can never fathom. Especially if the OFW is in the middle-east the hardships double. Expats are in constant threat of being in trouble in these countries because they are mostly unwelcome, looked down upon therefore becoming easy targets. Because of this, the slightest wrong move may result in dire consequences. Such is the fate of this trailer driver working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The OFW man who was taken away

Erwin Samano, a netizen recently made a Facebook post asking for help to find their fellow Pinoy who was forcefully taken by alleged policemen. According to Samano, his colleague Joseph Francisco, a trailer driver for the company Hammad Al Marri in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, was questioned by civilian policemen inside their flat. The alleged police officers, who were not wearing their uniform during that time, asked to take Francisco’s luggage to check what was inside it.

However, in the video, the policemen did not allow the other Filipinos to see what they were looking for inside Francisco’s luggage.

OFw worker’s bag being searched

Read his full post below:

Eventually, the three police officials handcuffed Francisco’s arms and arrested him without any warrant or valid reason.

Samano is asking for help since they do not know where these men took his friend.


According to some netizens who could understand the Arab language, the alleged cops were saying that Francisco must have been drinking alcohol which is strongly prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

Other people added comments saying that these policemen would not arrest anyone if they didn’t do anything wrong.

However, there are a few people who doubted that these guys were indeed policemen since they weren’t able to show proper identification. Adding to that is the fact that they weren’t wearing their uniforms.

Samano was also able to post a photo of the license plate of the alleged police car hoping that they could soon find where the trailer driver is.

Check out the video:


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