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Children And Dad Ask Their OFW Woman In Macau To Stop Posting And Sending Photos Of Her New Boyfriend

An OFW is isolated from loved ones for a majority of their time and its gets really lonely. This might cause some to find comfort in another person’s arms.  One of them, Diana of Macau, has been accused of cheating by her husband and children.

The OFW woman was accused of posting and sending photos to her kids with her alleged new boyfriend on Facebook. Her husband, Giovanni brought the concern to Raffy Tulfo. During the program, Diana was contacted and was asked for her statement on the issue.


Their children were also brought in which I think is not right. Their oldest child talked about the photo where his mother is with a guy who has his arm wrapped around her shoulder. Diana defended herself by saying that she was not in a relationship with the man.

According to Diana, the man whom her husband claims to be her new beau is just a friend. She explained that she was not alone the day the photo was taken. She claimed that it was her other friend who took the photo. She had repeatedly clarified that she was only working abroad and was not with someone else. She does not understand why the matter has been brought to Tulfo’s show.

The three children and their dad on the Tulfo show

Giovanni refuted by saying that their children feel uneasy with the photos. The kids kept bugging him to ask help from Tulfo so they can bring their mother home. The wife, however, said that no matter what he does, their relationship cannot be fixed anymore. He replied that she should not tell people she is single while they are still married.


Diana stated that she will go back to the Philippines once her contract is over. She will come home, not for her husband, but for her children. She also mentioned that her relationship with Giovanni has been on the rocks even before she left for Macau.


The reason why the man in the photo has his arm on Diana’s shoulder was that she was crying. She said that she was sad because while her friends got to talk with their children, she cannot. Tulfo asked her again why she agreed to take a photo like that. She answered that another friend was playing a joke on them.

Her oldest child insisted that she should not have agreed to have the photo taken. She said that she did not know and it was on the spot so she wasn’t able to do anythingAnother person sent her family a picture of the guy she was with and said that he was her new boyfriend and the kid’s stepfather.

The children got emotional during the program. Tulfo advised her not to post anything like the said photo on social media. Her voice was cracking as she was in tears while speaking to her kids. She again said that she is not in a relationship, that she is working hard for them and she loves them so much.

After the kids expressed their desire for their parents to get backtogether. Diana explained that she has become tired of arguing with their father.  She also said she cannot go home right now because her job is pays better than her husband’s.

The middle child then mentioned that while the mother is working abroad, she is not sending them money. The mother thenaccused him of lying. She said she has been sending money, not to their father, but to their grandmother. She added that every week groceries are being sent to the kids.

Giovanni has been unemployed for a long time, but he is now a Grabdriver. His wife said that he humiliated her by posting online suggesting that she wants to be with a guy rather than her children. Tulfo advised that they separate in peace if the marriage cannot be mended.


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