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Pregnant Wife Posts Sexy Selfie To Take Revenge From Her Husband

The woman, 40, revealed how she took revenge by posting her own images of her own breasts when she discovered that her husband was looking at X-rated images online.

The wanna be mother wrote on Mumset how she found out her husband, 44, was looking at the nude photographs while she was pregnant.

To take revenge the wife posted a picture of her own breasts on a similar page to the one he visited, prompting him to lose his temper and go ‘completely crazy’.

The post got mixed comments like some behaved worse, with some praising her ‘genius’ revenge and others branding the move ‘immature’.

Revenge: An angry wife posted a topless photo after she found her husband looking at nudes

She took it to the online forum and said that when she discovered her husband was viewing the images on Reddit even though he had told her he did not look at porn and ‘disagreed with it vehemently’.

She continued: ‘As I was p****d with him I decided to get my own back and I posted a picture of my own boobs on the 30 plus page,’ a similar thread to the one he viewed.

The picture was ‘upvoted’ and received dozens of comments from men, which made her feel ‘very flattered’ and ‘upped her self-esteem no end’, she wrote.

‘I took the picture down as my [husband] went completely crazy, extremely angry, and has said that what I have done is far far worse then him going onto the same type page basically for god knows how long and looking at many different pictures of young woman and lying to me about it.

Praise: Dozens of women said the move was a ‘genius’ way to handle the situation

‘He’s so angry he can’t even think about it without blowing up. What I’m asking here is, was I completely out of order doing what I did?’

She finished by saying she did not think it was as bad as what her husband had done, and asked others for their opinions.

Dozens posted in support of the poster, with one writing: ‘Genius move. You’re calling out his hypocrisy. So it’s ok for him to get off on pictures of naked women but he’s not happy for his daughter/wife, etc to be those naked women.’

‘Pathetic’: Others condemned her actions and said they were worse than what her husband did

Another shared: ‘I think what you did was Brilliant op! And as your pregnant him saying your boobs are for him to look at would anger the hell out of me . No they are your boobs , not his.’

However others questioned her approach and said it could signal the end of the marriage.

‘Tit for tat isn’t good and I personally think it was a very immature way to handle it,’ one wrote. Another added: ‘OP, sounds like your marriage is over.’

End of the line? Many questioned whether the marriage could recover from the event

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