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Young Baby Fall Asleep After A Man Deliberately Made Him Drink Alcohol

Some people depends on alcohol if they are in stress to let lose. Alcohol works as a stress reliever for them. When you consume alcohol your wild side comes out. It reduces the feelings of anxiety and nervousness, making one feel more confident and uninhibited.

But addiction of alcohol is not good as it slow down your body’s vital function which leads to slurred speech, dulled senses, and a feeling of disorientation. You should consume alcohol unless you are 18 years old even in the Philippines the rule is the same above 18 years.

A disgusting picture posted by one Facebook where a baby can be seen drinking brandy from a bottle. The baby was being held by a man and intentionally placed the bottle onto the baby’s mouth and let him drink from it.

He captioned the photo with:

On the social media the photo went viral with 819 likes and 909 shares. Over 150 times netizens have commented on the picture. As expected, plenty of netizens shared their disagreement and disbelief over the scandalous picture.

In some of the comments they condemned the man holding the baby and called him “g*go” . Some even commented that the man should be immediately reported to the authorities because of what he did.

Still it is unclear whether the man holding the baby is his father or not. No other information can be pulled out from the photo as no names and places were cited. Only one thing we can say that underage drinking is illegal and a baby is definitely underage.

According to a report released by the U.S. Department of Justice people under 25 years old are still in danger of the negative effects of alcohol because a human brain neurologically develops until they reach the age of 25. Therefore, what the man did was both extremely unhealthy and highly unethical.

Photo: tnp

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