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Dealer Who Sold $3.2million Worth Of Meth & Gave Drugs To Her Children Is Jailed For 10 Years

Rebecca Teresa Castner

A female ice trafficker who dubbed herself the ‘drug dealing king of Buderim’ has been sentenced to ten years in jail.

Rebecca Teresa Castner, 41, made more than $3.2million by selling ice in her drug ring where she even gave illegal substances to her three adult children so they could operate their own trafficking operations.

‘drug dealing king of Buderim’

Castner pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to nine drug trafficking and possession charges. Operating her drug empire from her tropical house in Buderim, Queensland, Castner was running one of the biggest drug trafficking operations in the Sunshine Coast between January and July 2015.

The mother-of-three, paid employees with drugs and free rent and even gave her children drugs to start there own drug trafficking operations

Justice Helen Bowskill told the court Castner paid her employees in free rent and drugs.

‘Your conduct was clearly done by someone in power, you were clearly dominating others and clearly enjoying it,’ Justice Bowskill said.

During the six months, Castner sold more than three kilograms of ice and was considered a ‘high-level’ player in the drug world according to News Corp.

Police previously said Castner would meet with her bosses to pick up drugs at places including Ettamogah Pub in Palmview, a cemetery or BP service stations on the Bruce Highway at Caboolture.

She operated her drug ring from her tropical house in Buderim

‘We were making so much money we couldn’t spend it,’ Castner said while caught on Police phone taps.

‘Being a crack lord is an easy life … they’ll never catch me.’

She ran the biggest drug trafficking operations

Castner is not eligible for parole until she has served 80 per cent of her 10-year jail sentence.

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