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Overseas Filipino Workers Will Get Their OFW ID Card Or The iDOLE Issued Today

Good news for the OFW. Recently, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has unveiled the iDOLE which is also known as the OFW ID card. On July, 2017, OFW the ID card will be reportedly issued today.

The OFW ID or the iDOLE was created in partnership with Social Security System (SSS), Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), PhilPost, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, and Pag-IBIG Fund.

It was mainly launched as a replacement for the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).

Regarding the payment the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) don’t need to pay anything. The employers required to pay for the iDOLE that will be issued to OFWs. To get the ID, OFWs just need to log on to the Philippine Overseas Employment Association’s (POEA) website and fill out the information needed.

DOLE Usec. Dominador Say stated:

“So this is for OFWs who are scheduled to leave and for applicants. One of the costs of hiring an OFW is the ID. This for the benefit of the OFWs anyway so the employers must shoulder the expenses for it.”

The iDOLE will be used to those OFW’s who are just about to go abroad or the ones who are still processing their papers for overseas work. When the project has already stabilized, they will then be issuing the OFW cards to OFWs who are already working abroad.

Usec. Say said:

“Initially we will be issuing iDOLE to those who are just going out of the country, then as we go on, we will be also issuing to those who are already abroad.”

Vuson Gil Taala, an OFW seaman, believes the iDOLE will expedite the processing of necessary documents for overseas employment. Taala said:

“So far for now, there’s no problem because everything’s computerized. You can look it up on the website if an agency is really registered with POEA.”

Ryan Guevarra, another OFW seaman, said:

“It will be a big help because instead of processing documents, you would just need to present the ID which has privileges. It will be favorable to OFWs.”

The validity will be there for 2 years. Those who will hold the OFW ID will be exempted from terminal fees as well as travel taxes. The OFW card will also serve as proof that the cardholder’s documents were processed and approved legally by the POEA. The card will also function as the OFW’s travel exit clearance.

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