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Rescued Puppy Drags His Own Blanket To Share With Her New Homeless Pal

Lara, was rescued from the streets of Brazil by owner Suelen Shaumloeffel. Now, she is eight months old who is keen on helping other dogs less fortunate than herself.

She knows the tough life in the streets because when she saw a homeless dog on a cold evening, she dragged her new blanket out to share it with him.

Recently, her owner Suelen bought a thicker blanket for Lara as it was cold to ensure that Lana was warm and cosy in her outdoor doghouse.

But, her owner doesn’t know that Lana was actually taking the blanket out to ensure that her new pal had a comfortable sleep.

When fine morning when Suelen came down she found both lying on it.

She always keeps food and water out for the stray dog since even though he runs away anytime she approaches.
But she thinks it’s what Lana would want.

‘I thought, “How beautiful that she did that for her friend”,’ Suelen tells The Dodo.

‘My best four-legged friend reminded me of something so important: generosity!

*Not crying, just something in my eyes*.

Photo: Metro

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