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Qatari Ambassador to Spain WARNS against Gulf region militarisation

Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari (Photo courtesy: NCUSAR / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0)

HE Qatar’s ambassador to Spain Mohammed bin Jaham Al-Kuwari has warned that the current crisis in the region will lead to the militarization of the Gulf region, noting that if this happens, it will have dire consequences for the region and the world.

HE Ambassador Al-Kuwari urged the international community to take a firm stand against militarization and to prevent countries that have caused the crisis to continue their current policy, stressing that what is happening to the State of Qatar currently can be repeated with one of the Gulf states in the future.

“We are facing an unprecedented crisis because of the severing of diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar and the unilateral blockade imposed on the international laws,” said HE Ambassador Al-Kuwari in a lecture at the Royal Institute for International and Strategic Studies in Madrid, in the presence of Spanish politicians, journalists and businessmen.

He added : It is interesting to note that the countries that created the crisis and the siege did not discuss the issue in the GCC or in a prior dialogue between governments.

HE Ambassador Al Kuwari explained that the harshness and ferocity of the measures taken against Qatar do not respect the minimum human rights. He gave an example of this when the Qataris living in these countries were forced to return to their homeland within a maximum period of 14 days. This also happened to the citizens of those countries who had to return home.

HE Ambassador Al-Kuwari described the behavior of the countries that imposed the blockade as unacceptable and that they treat Qatar as an easy prey and an occupying state to respond to their demands. He added that these countries have shown arrogance and an uncivilized act by not resorting to negotiations.

HE the Ambassador emphasized that their justifications were contradictory, not based on practical evidence and accompanied by random decisions.

Regarding Qatar’s position towards the crisis, he said: “We say with a loud voice that Qatar does not support terrorism and the issue of terrorism is justified by some as a weapon against some countries to stir differences.”

On the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar, HE the Ambassador said that they do not enjoy any privileges especially since Qatar does not support this group, noting that many countries have relations with this group, including Saudi Arabia.

Regarding Iran, HE Ambassador Al-Kuwari said relations with Tehran are not distinctive or strategic.

On the Hamas movement, he said that Qatar does not have special relations with it, Qatar is concerned about the situation of the Palestinian people and the issue of peace in the Middle East. he added.

Regarding Al-Jazeera, HE Ambassador Al-Kuwari said that it represents a pride for Qatar because it defends the freedom of expression and that this is an internal issue and does not accept any outside interference.

On the real causes of the crisis, HE Ambassador Al-Kuwari affirmed that the foreign policy of the State of Qatar is an independent policy and that Doha has become a centre of dialogue and played a role in international mediation in recent years.

He pointed out that some countries want revenge from Qatar because of its support for the Arab Spring and there is a plan to prepare a direct confrontation with Iran, referring to the failure of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen’s crisis.

Al-Kuwari said : “We are facing a dangerous turn as there is a tendency by some countries to militarize the region, which will have serious consequences for all Gulf countries and the world”.

He added that these countries have lost a lot of credibility on the international level and failed to create an alliance against the State of Qatar and they are endangering the GCC.

He said European countries and the United States could suffer economically and politically because of the current situation.

HE Ambassador Al-Kuwari stressed the possibility of a solution as Qatar is betting on dialogue and understanding to end the crisis quickly and that it is necessary to call loudly on all for preventing prolongation of the crisis and preventing the occurrence of more serious consequences, stressing that he will remain optimistic and Qatar has the desire to resolve the crisis as soon as possible.

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