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In Kuwait An OFW Worker Has Been Sent To Jail By Her Own Employer Without Any Reason

Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) workers works in countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, among others. While working in such countries they go through many hardships and struggle. They are not treated well in such countries. The workers who work there reported being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by their employers.

The story is about an unfortunate OFW who was locked up will tug at your heart strings.

Kwentong OFW reported the plight of Bhaie Mangilen Bairoslanor, an OFW working in Kuwait who was allegedly jailed by her own employer. Unfortunately, the source was unable to cite any reason as to why she was locked up. She is currently jailed in Omariya, Kuwait.

OFW worker story was picked up from Facebook fan page ‘OFW News Portal,’. In the page her unfortunate situation was shared with Pinoy netizens. Even her images are shared in the Facebook post where it is seen that Bhaie is sitting on a mattress inside a jail cell. She can be seen crying.

Reportedly, she was locked up with a few others. Now, she is alone as rest of her fellow inmates have since been released.

The post already became viral on social media with likes of total 4.7 thousand times as of this writing. In the comments section many netizens expressed their willingness to help the jailed OFW. Even without knowing the real reason behind the matter, they expressed their full support to her.

Here are pictures of Bhaie gathered from her personal Facebook account:

We can’t even feel the pain of the OFW worker as she waste away inside her prison cell. Still, there is no real reason why she has been imprisoned. We can only hope that she gets the justice she deserves.

Photo: tnp

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