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Want To Know The Wealth Of Manny Pacquiao? Then Check This List Of His Wealth

Manny” Pacquiao, is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines. He is one of the wealthiest people out there.

Kikay Department released a list of the most expensive and luxurious items that the boxing champ converted to Philippine pesos. Check them out here:

1. Beverly Mansion

In the exclusive residential of neighbourhood in Beverly Hills, California Manny bought a mansion. The report said that it used to belong to Jennifer Lopez. The mansion was bought for P5 million.

2. Biñan Laguna Mansion

So, that he can quickly escape from the city, he has a residential house in Laguna. It is reported to amount to P100 million – a price tag higher than J.Lo’s mansion!

3. Boracay Mansion

He also has a lavish property in one of the most pristine islands in the Philippines. It amounts to P200 million – with a view like that, it’s definitely worth it!

4. Forbes Mansion

He also owns a mansion in Forbes Park , one of the most exclusive subdivision in Makati, is reported to amount to P388 million. This is not a surprise since the real estate value there is extremely high.

5. Gen. San. Mansion

He even owns one of the biggest mansions in his home town and it amounts to P100 million. Even though it is cheaper than his mansion in Forbes, it’s definitely nicer to look at.

6. Gold Rolex Watch

His Rolex amounts to P28 million.

7. Road House Hotel Gen. San.

He owns a hotel in General Santos City

8. Blugre Coffee

His coffee shop already pictures a well-designed interior and good service.

9. Jinkee’s Fashion World

Even the fashionista herself owns a boutique!

10. JMP Shalon Travel and Tours

Manny’s empire includes a travel agency as well

11. Pacman Shaw

His own food place

12. Pacman Sports Bar

13. Pacman H20

“Nakapagpa-refill ka na ba?” says his water service tarpaulin. He even has his own water service!

14. Team Pacquiao

A local clothing brand there, where you can wear shirts and shorts that are inspired from the boxer himself.

15. Ferarri 458 Italia

That handsome car cost him P12.5 million.

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