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These 10 Cities Have The Highest HIV Rate (2016)

HIV is all over the world now and it doesn’t really matter where exactly it started. However, it’s more in some cities while compared to others.

Take a look:

#10. Baltimore, MD – 24.3

Baltimore may be the home to HBO’s “The Wire,” but according to GetTested.com, HIV infection rates in Baltimore are on the rise due to a lack of education.

#9. Jacksonville, FL – 25.1

Although Jacksonville isn’t thought of as a “party city” like other destinations on GetTested.com’s list, the site suggests that, “The number of business people and tourists who travel to Jacksonville,” might contribute to the high rates of HIV diagnoses and occurrence there.

#8. Columbia, SC – 25.6

South Carolina’s Channel 10 WISTV.com reports that poverty, rural geography, lack of affordable healthcare and social stigma, which contribute to the occurrence of HIV in the South.

#7. Atlanta, GA – 25.9

We already know about the ATL having high rates of HIV, but according to GetTested.com, more than 1,000 people are diagnosed with HIV each year in Atlanta. Moreover, 50 percent of those people aren’t diagnosed until they already have AIDS.

#6. Memphis, TN – 27.6

About 2,000 people in Memphis who have the disease are not aware of it. And with that African-American gay and bisexual men are most affected by HIV, according to AIDS.gov, followed by white gay and bisexual men.

#5. Orlando, FL – 28.8

According to the CDC, the rate of HIV diagnoses in Orlando decreased slightly from 2013-2015. New HIV infections appear to be decreasing globally as well.

#4. Jackson, MS – 32.2

GetTested.com reports that in Jackson, there is “a concerted effort to inform the public about the PrEP pill.” A 2014 survey of LGBT Mississippians reveals almost half of respondents don’t consider their doctor LGBT-friendly and almost half experience harassment in public establishments.

#3. New Orleans, LA – 36.9

An excess of 19,000 people in Louisiana are living with HIV. More than half of those people have AIDS, according to GetTested.com.

#2. Miami, FL – 42.8

In 2015, Miami had the highest rate of HIV diagnoses in the country. It also had the highest prevalence of the disease at the end of 2014, according to the CDC.

#1. Baton Rouge, LA – 44.7

In a surprise jump up the ladder, Baton Rouge claimed the No. 1 spot on this list.

The company reports that many of the infections there “are due to shared needles, since the city is the center of a massive opiate addiction issue.”

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