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LA Sperm Donor Connects With 19 Children He Fathered

His whole life he was simply a sperm donor, Donor 929 to many children around the country.

Mike Rubino, 57, from Los Angeles, California, decided to became a sperm donor in the mid 90’s now known as dad to 19 of them.

Most of the women are attracted by the profile of Mike. He was a thin, blue-eyed, educated artist who had no genetic disorders. He impregnated women who lived in California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, Arkansas, Ohio, Colorado and Maryland, Orange County Register reported.

He has met most of the children he fathered, but, there was one child, Jake, who has become so close that Mike has become his ‘full-time’ dad.

‘I couldn’t be happier,’ Mike said of his relationship with Jake.

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Rubino’s biological children include (left) Nathan Mayes who plays football at Bryant High School in Bryant High School and sister Rachel Mayes (right) 

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Charley Robinette (left) studies Communication at College of Charleston in South Carolina; (right) Precious Gepford lives in Waianae, Hawaii

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(left) Shane Digen; (right) Leah Rubino McGhee

Mike decided to become a sperm donor in his 90’s. Because of him and his wife he got inspired to help couples struggling with fertility. He was married from 1985 – 1995 and had struggled to have children themselves.

According to the California native contract he can’t contact any of the children he fathered until they were 18 years old.

Karen Strassberg, in 2004, a woman he had impregnated asked if she and her son, Jake, could meet with him. Jake would be the first child to meet Mike.

Mike recalled that even though his mother had not told her son he was meeting his father, the pair instantaneously felt a connection.

‘I fell in love with that kid instantly,’ Mike said. ‘He was the greatest kid in the world.’

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Keevyn Baden-Winterwood went to the The University of Tampa and lives in Tampa; Avery Hope just graduated from the University of San Francisco

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Danielle Tomkins (left) lives in West Bay, Cayman Islands and worked at The Wellness Centre; Isabel DuBois studied at Fort Lewis College and lives in Durgano, Colorado

Both of them had a mutual feeling, who had told his grandmother he had made a ‘new best friend’ upon meeting Mike.

Jake’s mother told him that Mike was his father. The pair quickly developed a strong father-son bond. During the holidays and weekends Mike would watch his son and even began picking him up for his middle school.

Then a miracle happened! In 2012 Karen and Mike decided to buy a house together so Jake could have his parents under one roof.

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Xander Somogyi studies at Oberlin College and lives in Oberlin, Ohio; Aaron McGhee 

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Brothers Thomas Casuccio and Nick Casuccio grew up in Staten Island, New York

‘He’s nice, easy going, helpful,’ Jake, now 19, told the OCR about his father. ‘I know it’s kind of weird. They’re my mom and dad.’

He is still plays the role of a dad to his other other children and has a collection of paintings he’s made of them around his home.

While five of his children are yet to reach out to him, the rest of them – four of whom are artists – have either contacted him through e-mail or often through websites such as the Donor Sibling Registry that connects donors with their offspring.

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