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UAE withdraw from Qatar match in Snooker's Asia Cup

UAE’s national snooker team withdrew on Friday from a match against Qatar in the group stage of the Asian cup, currently underway in Kyrgyzstan.

There were no signs of the move as the UAE players came to the hall where matches take place and the game started, with Qatar’s Mohsen Bokshaisha leading UAE’s Mohamed Al Shamsi by five groups when the Emirati side decided to leave the match.

Qatar Billiards and Snooker Federation President Mohammad Al Ramzani said what happened from the Emirati side was “regretful,” adding that “we didn’t want such unreasonable reactions in this way.”

Al Ramzani added that the Qatari players are not used to “escape from the confrontations and we have been treating the UAE players in the spirit of one family,” expressing wishes that “tolerance would prevail and that sport stays away from politics.”

The Olympic Charter prohibits the dragging of politics into sport.

The tournament is taking place with the participation of hosts Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, along with India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, China Taipei, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Philippines, Jordan, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

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