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People Who Defeated The Odds And Succeeded In Their Life

Eugene decided to be a professional diver after reaching her 60s. She chose highboard diving and practiced in anticipation of international competitions. Interestingly, her granddaughter stood behind her while the family was outraged at her crazy decision. After a season of practice, she flew to Austria for the European Championship…. and won the first place! Well, great stories are not just made for movies.

Sheri Schmelzer, 40, asked her kids if they were interested in the fun craft. They all decided that plugging holes of Crocs with something cute was a great idea. Sheri’s husband then suggested to create a website to sell those designer charms. That is exactly how Jibbitz was established in 2005. By August 2006, sales amounted to $2.2 million. After a year and a half, Schmelzer’s business grew at mind-blowing speed, and the Crocs company bought Jibbitz for $10 million.

Oksana left her family business and quit her lawyer job to become the only female emergency response worker at the Federal Rescue Service in Moscow. It started when she attended a stunt school, “Trick”.  She went for sky-diving, shooting, horseback riding and motocross. Guys from FRS taught rock-climbing there, and they told Oksana about their work. She decided to volunteer at ”Spasreserv” and “Liza Alert” to help look for people lost in forests. Soon it became her life purpose.

When Tatyana Rybakova was 14 she weighed 100 kgs and was often targeted for her huge personality. Now, 24, she has men drooling with her physique, she now weighs just 50kg. Today, she’s a beautiful, cheerful and dynamic young woman, she is also an author of a book called “How I lost 55 kg”. She even offers consultations on healthy living and posts related videos on her blog.

Julia Savitskaya was crazy about fashion and worked at Dior and had internships in Paris, things were looking great. But, one day she remembered her lifelong dreams, bought a backpack and flew to Nepal, where she met Kiev-born Anton Gurkov in Kathmandu. Now they travel together, she even launched a company called “Girls in Travel” which organises all-girl travel parties.

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Jonah Hill, the chubby Hollywood actor lost 25 kgs when his weight threatened his life, and now you can see the amazing transformation.

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