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People Who Defeated The Odds And Succeeded In Their Life

It is never too late to become what you always wanted to be. If you still have any doubt then just take a look at these amazing people.

At 49, Cindy attracted the casting agent of Dolce and Gabbana, who was looking for a model. Cindy then started to model for various brands and soon started her own business with a line of skin and makeup products. She believes that the secret of true beauty lies in the ability to enjoy who you are and celebrate your age.

Rinat Karimov, started an Instagram page, @rinat_vs_Lymphoma.  The page had an unusual name: “Photo blog about me getting lymphoma and kicking its ass. Live.” Rinat fought this horrible disease for 51 weeks, and a couple of months ago he told his 86,000 followers that he won!

Justin and Lauren Shelton were overweighed by 340kg combined. Justin was admitted after he fell sick and he was diagnosed with a potential kidney infection. A scan was necessary to confirm the diagnosis but his weight did not allow the machine to do its work. Justin and Lauren then decided to change and in a year Justin lost 175 kg while Lauren dropped 78 kg of excess weight. Now the pair are unrecognizable.

Sonya Sagitova retired at 55 and started to travel. She has been to more than 40 countries and to almost every region of Russia.  “Doctors diagnosed me with numerous diseases,“ says Sonya, ”and they even suggested applying for disability benefits. But I’m no handicapped person! I’m traveling the world nonstop.”

Heidemarie Schwermer, a successful woman donated all her money in May 1996 and just had a suitcase with bare essentials. She had a resolution to live without any money for a year. Initially, she was washing windows, walking dogs and cleaning houses for food and lodging. Now, 70, she offers consultations and lectures on life without valuable property. Since her new life was entertaining she never went back to her old life style and the one year resolution became a permanent one.

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