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Syrian Family Of Five Who Were Reported Missing In Grenfell Tower Inferno Found Safe

Police have confirmed that the reported missing Syrian family of five have been found alive, after fearing they were dead. The Khudair family who flew to Britain in search of a better life is safe.

The family lived roughly halfway up the tower block and were reported missing by Catherine Lindsay, an adult language tutor who was teaching them English.

Rawan, one of the three daughters, informed that the family was safe in the fire accident, but they had lost all their belongings. The family is being helped by the community.

Stuart Cundy, Metropolitan Police Commander, announced the news but never revealed the identity of the family. He also reported that the number of deaths has risen to 79.

Five people have been formally identified after the blaze tore through the residential block last Wednesday in west London.

The rest are missing presumed dead and Mr Cundy said ‘the awful reality is that we may not be able to identify all those that died’ inside what is now a blackened and charred shell.

He fought back tears as he told reporters at New Scotland Yard about the scene inside the 24-storey tower.

Footage from inside the gutted building has been released, showing the extent of the damage caused by the blaze.

He said it had been ‘incredibly emotional working in there’, adding: ‘On Saturday I went in myself and went to the top floor.

‘And it is incredibly hard to describe the devastation in some parts of that building.’

Speaking later outside Scotland Yard, Mr Cundy added: ‘I have investigated major crime for most of my service and I have seen some terrible things. But I don’t think anything prepared me for what I was going to see when I was in there.

‘It’s hard to describe my feelings, because I cannot imagine, and I would not want to put myself in the position of those families who have lost their loved ones.

‘But being with colleagues from the London Fire Brigade when I was in there, colleagues from the London Ambulance Service and other police officers, I think it’s fair to say it is incredibly emotional working in there.

‘But we will do it with our utmost professionalism and we will do everything we can as quickly as we can to locate everybody who is in there.’

The people who are left homeless will be given a minimum of 5,500 pounds from an emergency fund. Mr Cundy urged people to send more pictures and videos to investigate the case, they have so far received 70 pictures and videos.

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