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Qatari products on high demand at outlets

In what was termed by many as promising, Qatari products, both food and non-food items, have become in high demand list after the shopping malls and other retail outlets started displaying them prominently with stickers to identify them easily.

The major retail outlets in Qatar started placing stickers on shelves displaying Qatari products, after the initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to ease customers’ access to local products by giving them extra importance for marketing.

The stickers, with the logo of the ministry, written “national products” in Arabic and English are placed on shelves showcasing local products, The Peninsula  noted. The ministry has been urging consumers to participate in the campaign to promote local products through various local media platforms.

Recently, a video message was posted by the ministry on “snapshot” asking consumers to share their shopping experiences about Qatar products on social networking sites with pictures of the products for creating public awareness. “The stickers help customers to identify local products,” said Dan Bahadur, a Nepali citizen working as a salesman at a retail outlet, told The Peninsula.

“Most of the customers, especially Qatari citizens, are stopped by the shelves displaying national products because of the stickers,” he added.

“The sale of local products increased significantly due to the stickers. I noticed consumers are paying special attention on local products as we are forced to refill the shelves more frequently than it used to be without stickers on shelves,” he added.

These products include, pasta and flour from Qatar Flour Mill, coffee from Bin Al Khayam company, gurmet beef burger from Halal company, frozen chicken from Farms for Chicken and Quails Birds and labna bals from Baladna company.

Various local brands of packaged drinking water, like Al Meera, Rayyan, Jouf, Retaj, Qatarat and Dana, are also showcased in the outlet.

Other products made in Qatar are trash bags from Al Amal Company, cleaning materials like disinfectant from Pearl company and bleach from Jawhrah company. There are verities of ice-creams from Dandy, eggs from Arab Qatari for Poultry Production, local mutton and processed meat like mortadella.

Other products are fruit juices from Dandy, Al Maha, cleaning paper from Integrated Paper Products, toilet papers from Flora Classic.

Other outlets are showcasing many more Qatar products some of them were unknown for most of the people that they manufactured in Qatar like some detergents.

“I came to know various local products with the help of promotion stickers, Abdurrahman, a consumer said at a commercial outlet. I know only few local products like packaged drinking water, poultry and vegetables but surprisingly there are so many products including detergent, cleaning materials, dairy, poultry and meat products among others, he added.

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