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Simple Advices That Can Come In Handy At Crucial Times

When people talk about survival we immediately think about crazy stuff that appears to have come out of a Hollywood movie. But here are some simple tips that might save your life on a given day.

Keys for self defense

Keys are not just to open the doors of your car, it can also open up a skull of an attacker. Just place the keys between your fingers like a knuckle-duster and attack.

If the taxi driver is suspicious

Make sure you note down the number of the vehicle before getting in and if you are not comfortable with the driver’s behaviour, then just dial to a person you know or just act and tell them the taxi’s number.

Ixodid ticks

Never underestimate ixodid ticks as the bites can give you a nightmare. Immediately consult a doctor if there’s some bite. To remove one that’s burrowed into the skin, try to grab it with some tweezers close to the head, and very carefully prize it out.

Be on your guard when a person claims he won’t touch you

Most of the times these statements end up the opposite way, such statements should immediately put on alert.

Money for an emergency

Make a habit of hiding some money in your phone case. Just to make sure that you always enough money to pull you out of trouble.

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