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Hunter Shoots Elephant, Falls on Him and Dies

Hunter Dies After The Elephant He Shot Fell On Him

Tzaneen, Theunis Botha, 51, died on Friday A afternoon during a hunt in Gwai, in Zimbabwe, when a member of his group fired at a storming elephant and the animal fell on him.

An anonymous source told Netwerk24 that a group of hunters had gone for a walk on Friday afternoon when they suddenly came across a breeding herd of elephants.

At the confrontation three elephant cows stormed the hunters and Botha shot at them. A fourth cow attacked them from the side and one of the hunters shot her after she’d lifted Botha with her trunk. The shot killed the elephant and she collapsed on Botha, killing him.

The professional hunter, Botha, is survived by his wife Carika and their five children.

Botha was a well-known hunter in Zimbabwe and often travelled to the US to recruit wealthy Americans for trophy hunting in Southern Africa.

Carika is reported to travel to Zimbabwe on Monday to identify her husband’s body and to bring it back to South Africa. She could not be reached by phone on Sunday morning.

Botha was a good friend of Scott van Zyl’s who was also killed by wile animals while he was out hunting. He was killed by crocodiles in Zimbabwe last month. Van Zyl, 44, was on a hunt at the Chikwaraka camp in Zimbabwe, when he disappeared on April 7.


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