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Around 19% Of Qataris Are Fighting Against Depression.

An expert claims that around 19% of Qataris are suffering from depression and woman are ahead due to biological, hormonal and social reasons. Dr Suhaila Ghuloum, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Hamad Medical Corporation, also noted that the percentage of depression and anxiety in Qatar is similar to that of other countries.

World Health Organisation launched a campaign in 2016 to make sure people from around the world seek and get help to come out of depression. And today, April 7, The World Health Day is marked with the theme ‘Depression: Let’s Talk.’

“Stigma around depression is an international phenomena. But many countries have awareness at least for the most prevalent disorders,  we don’t have much, although we have seen an improvement, especially among younger generation,” told Dr Ghuloum.

“We need to understand that depression is a biological illness. Like for any other illness depression also has treatment and early intervention gives a better outcome,” she added.

Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, anger, reckless behaviour are the symptoms of depression.

“If somebody has genetic reasons, then people are at higher risk of having depression. Then there are certain types of depression with women due to biological reasons such as  menopause, pre-menstrual period, post paternal postnatal depression.  There are also secondary reasons as people going through certain trauma or stress they become depressed. Depression among older people is often associated with physical conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic pain,” said Dr   Ghuloum.
“However, depression has become a very colloquial word to describe everything like being bit down on one day it, but that’s not depression. To feel stressed for a couple of days is normal human reaction, to feel tension because you are going through some deadlines of work , family issues are all normal. We don’t want to medicalise normal human reactions. But symptoms of depression should be present in person for at least two weeks for clinical dignosis,” she added.


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