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Man Died Because Of Assault

Recently, a report published in the local Arabic daily Al Sharq, where a man is being currently tried for killing a man by punching him on his face. The report says that altercation between two erupted when the victim refused to give the defendant a ride.

During the trial the details of the incident came to light that the accused assaulted the victim after he refused to give him a ride to someplace outside Doha. Following which the defendant assaulted the victim and landed punches on the former’s chest and face.

The assault left the victim bruised and bleeding as he fell on the ground. Due to the fall the victim hit his head on a rock and died on the spot.

However, the autopsy of the victim pointed out that the victim did not die because of the impact with the rock but because of the punch that the defendant landed on him.

¬The coroner in his statement concluded that the impact of the punch led to the death of the victim.


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