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Here Are 17 Facts You Never Knew About Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton who is also known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was not born into to royalty but having a husband who is made her one! She looks the part and is a favorite of the people for her gracefulness and her humility.

Here are 17 facts you didn’t know about the Duchess of Cambridge!

1. Qualified Scuba Diver

Kate Middleton is a qualified scuba diver after receiving an advanced diving qualification.

2. She Lived In Jordan

When she was a child Kate lived in Amman, Jordan, for two and a half years. She even attended nursery while there.


3. The Royal Squeak

While she attended Primary School, she obtained the nickname ‘Squeak’.

4. Jewellery Designer

While she was a junior fashion buyer for Jigsaw, in 2006, she helped design a necklace for a girl.

5. Actress?

She performed in her school production of My Fair Lady and played the lead role of Eliza Doolittle.

6. The creator of “One Tree Hill” once said the now-canceled series was one of Middleton’s favorite TV shows.

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