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You Can Now Send Messages Without Internet

No internet and poor signal has cost us a lot of messaging time, right?

The amount of times I’ve gotten lost in a concert just because of the damn signal!

But behold, for the new app developed by Open Garden, Firechat, uses something called mesh networking that lets you communicate with anyone else who has the app.

Here’s a video that explains the complex technology:

Mesh networking basically works by bouncing your message from one phone equipped with FireChat (within 210 feet of you) to another via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth antennas, and the message continues bouncing until it reaches the intended recipient.

Don’t worry about the privacy because messages are encrypted, which makes the recipient the only one to read them. If no connections are available, messages are stored until they can be sent.

To cross oceans, the message will hop from phone to phone until it reaches one with an internet connection, enabling t to make it’s way to the final destination.

Originally the app’s popularity increased after it enabled protesters in the 2014 Hong Kong protests, as well as being a lifeline for people in Iraq after the country faced restrictions on internet use.

Five million users have downloaded the app worldwide, but the app’s creators estimate that only 5% of a city needs to have it for message to be delivered within 10 minutes.


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