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Body Marbling Is A Thing And Its Absolutely Crazy

No you don’t get your body made into a marble statue if you are wondering.  It’s actually more fun than that. This new festival trend is all about turning your body into a platform for expressing art.

If you have been on the internet from quite a few years despite your lack of interest you have been forced to acknowledge the presence of a category called nail art in the internet world and might have come across nail paint marbling. This is something similar but now – thanks to Black Light Visuals – you can paint your entire body at music festivals. The process is as simple: you cover your hand with salt water (it lets the paint stick), then you let it dry while an artist’s prepares a tub of paint, and finally you dip it into that tub and voila you’re a walking talking glowing work of art.

Would you try this? Look fun!

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