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Love Bite Can Actually Kill You.


A Mexican teen, Julio Macias Gonzalez died after getting a love bite from his girlfriend. His family were shocked to notice something unusual and did everything to save him but unfortunately all there effort went in vain as the boy died.

Julio had spent the evening before his death with his 24-year-old girl friend. It is being said that his girlfriend’s suction action while giving him a love bite caused a blood clot and finally resulted in a stroke.


This is more common than you actually think, previously a woman of 44 in New Zealand, experienced paralysis in her left arm and when she was taken to the hospital doctors observed a bruise on her neck. The doctors believed that the love bite would have caused some damage to the artery. The clot travelled to her heart which resulted in stroke and paralysis.


Finally. After finding out the causes she was treated with warfarin and the clot dissolved within a week.

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