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Crime rate in Qatar has dropped by more than 50% in the last year

Saudi police

According to the statistics made public by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) the occurrence of burglaries in houses across Qatar has dropped by 68.1% in the year 2015. Thefts at commercial places also registered a drop of 39.2% and cases of petty theft also decreased by 20.4% during the same period.

The Director-General, Brigadier Khalifa Abdulla al-Nuaimi, of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation (GDCI) at MoI emphasised that burglaries in the residential areas in Qatar were not common and whatever cases are reported the perpetrators are apprehended in most of the cases.

Brigadier al-Nuaimi while speaking to the police magazine Al ShurtaMa’ak said, “The number of burglaries that occur in Qatar is ‘limited’ and the GDCI has a very potent and practical strategy in place to deal with such cases, regardless whether the perpetrators work individually or in groups”.

The GDCI also works in active collaboration with other law enforcement departments for the prevention and detection of such crimes and also make the general public aware about these incidents.

In addition to the above mentioned crimes, the rates of crimes regarding embezzlement fell by 80.8%, robbery 75%, murder 45.5%, arson 68%, forgery 48.3%.


Although, the rate of crimes has decreased and the situation is under control, there is a need to continually monitor the situation and people must also remain alert to protect themselves and their possessions, Brigadier al-Nuaimi said.

People are advised to avoid being negligent and take necessary precautions to secure their residences and their valuables contained therein. People who are going away for vacations or holidays must in particular make sure that their homes are securely locked before they go away. Valuable items such as jewellery, cash, expensive gadgets etc. should not be left in an unoccupied house, they must be securely locked away and people should keep photos of these valuables that can be used for insurance claims in case of a theft.

People also must stop keeping their vehicles running and rushing to grab stuff from the shops or shopping malls, such vehicles can be easily targeted by burglars.

Brigadier al-Nuaimi further advised people to take all the necessary precautions to safeguard their homes and as a step precaution they should inform their nearest police station in case they are going away for a while.


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