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Qatari woman sets example in Philanthropy

Charity knows no bounds that is what a Qatari woman is proving. Known for her acts of philanthropy a Qatari woman has stated in her will that one-third of wealth be donated as a permanent endowment for various acts of charity.

The Department of Endowment at the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) announced in a statement on Saturday that it has received the will of the woman, which states that one-third of her inheritance be managed by the department and the incomes generated thereof be utilized for further acts of charity.

In her previous acts of philanthropy the woman had donated a plot of land, where a mosque stands now and also a building comprising of six apartments, managed by the Awqaf.

All the necessary procedures would be taken to realise the implementation of the will of the philanthropist in line with the standard guidelines and set religious customs.


The Ministry has not made the value of the assets the philanthropist has donated public yet, however, the assets are considered to be very valuable in terms of market price, given their location.

Awqaf is the competent authority tasked by Qatar to take over and manage properties that are donated by people for charity. The revenue generated from such properties is utilized by Awqaf to help the needy and the vulnerable, Awqaf also has a history of sponsoring needy students and help people to establish entrepreneurial projects for employment.

People who wish to contact the department regarding such matter are encouraged to call on: 6601160.


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