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Do not express your true feelings about your wife in front of family members

I received this message the other day from a reader: “My husband loves me a lot and never fails to show this when he and I visit his family and get together with his mother and sisters. He always praises my behavior and actions and expresses his love for me in front of them. Over time, I noticed that his sisters started to get jealous of me and to treat me differently. They began looking for opportunities to fight with me. When I want to go out with my husband, they do their best to convince my husband to take them with us. My advice to all husbands is never to show how much they love their wives in front of their family members, especially their sisters.”

Jealousy is a natural thing and people most close to you usually have it. A husband’s mother loves to see her son happy in his marriage and have a harmonious relationship with his wife. But if her sons keeps praising the merits of his wife in front of her, she will begin to feel jealous.


Naturally, a mother would love to hear her daughter in law praising her son’s merits but not the other way around. She will feel reassured that her son’s wife loves him. But when the son does it, the mother will feel that her son’s wife may not have the same feelings of love for her son.

As for sisters, they are more likely to feel jealous of their sister in law because she is the same age as them. That is why husbands should never reveal their true feelings for their wives in front of family members as such action can backfire and bring about negative results.

Author: Ali Al-Zamil



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