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Greek expat fined for abusing woman

An expat from Greece was fined QR20, 000, for insulting a female motorist and damaging her car, by a Doha Criminal Court here.

Reports in the local Arabic dailies suggest that the man was convicted after the court heard testimonies from people who witnessed the shocking incident.

The female motorist was reportedly driving towards the Katara signal from the Diplomatic Club when the Greek expat appeared in a speeding car from the rear. At the time of the incident the two-year old daughter of the female motorist was also in the car.


In an attempt to overtake the motorist’s car the defendant reportedly rammed his car into her’s repeatedly, causing damage to the car. After that the defendant stopped his car by the roadside and spewed a barrage of abuses at the female motorist.

Co-incidentally the entire incident was caught on camera by two British expats who were passing by, the two were called to the court to testify regarding the incident. The two testified and corroborated the woman’s claims that the defendant had abused and damaged her car.

The female motorist has also called on the court to make the defendant pay QR 500, 000 as compensation to her for causing damage to her car. The Court has reportedly directed the female motorist to take the matter to a civil court.


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