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ADVICE: Be cautious around beaches

People should try to avoid going into the sea until mid-September unless absolutely necessary or only after taking all the safety precautions, this is what fishermen and other people who know Qatari seas have recommended.

Experts and people familiar with Qatar’s seas point out that during this period the nature of the seas is quite unpredictable and also the volume of jellyfish in the water is quite high around this time of the year. These reasons can put swimmers in the risk of getting caught in whirlpools as well as getting attacked by jellyfish.

Jellyfish stings typically lead to allergies and extreme itching, the cases of jellyfish stings are particularly higher during the summer as many people venture into the sea to beat the heat, unaware of the risk jellyfish pose.


People with limited or no swimming skills are particular at risk of meeting an untoward incident because the waves and tides change their intensity in a very unpredictable manner, catching the hapless visitors completely off-guard, says one fisherman. Even people who are seasoned swimmers can sometimes become victims of the sea due to the turbulent condition of the sea, added another fisherman from Al Wakrah.

People have also been advised against venturing too far out into the sea even in boats as windy conditions are prevalent in the seas during the summer. The authorities must put up warning boards in many languages along the beaches to avoid any untoward incident.

It is worth mentioning that an Indian expat recently lost his life in a drowning incident near Khol Al Udeid.


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