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WARNING!! Record-breaking heatwave set to be smashed in Qatar over next two days


Temperature to soar 3 to 4 degrees starting from today

Brace for hotter days in the coming week as the Meteorology Department has predicted a 3-4 degree rise in average temperature for the daytime, from Sunday until Tuesday.

Fresh to strong northwesterly winds are also expected in most areas of Qatar during daytime from Sunday to Tuesday, the Met said, attributing it to the extension of Indian monsoon seasonal low over the region.

Qatar Meteorology Department has asked people to follow latest weather updates while urging them to be cautious and avoid venturing into the sea during periods of strong winds. It has also advised people to avoid direct sunlight.

Meanwhile, weather and climate experts have predicted a steep rise in temperature in the Gulf region in the next two months.

According to news report in the Asharq Al Awsat newspaper, the experts have confirmed Saudi Arabia as being most vulnerable to this rise in temperature due to its large geographical area. Mazin Asiri, a professor of meteorology at King Abdulaziz University (KAU), said there are multiple reasons for the rise in temperatures in Gulf region, the first being that the sun rays are perpendicular to the northern part of the earth in the summer season.

Asiri said the region is currently undergoing a climate change caused by global warming. The Gulf region, being located in desert area, is exposed to rising temperatures, he explained.

However, the current rise in temperatures in the Gulf region is”unprecedented” and”extraordinary”, he noted.

“Qatar, the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and southern Iraq are the areas most vulnerable to significant increase in temperatures,” Asiri said.


Qatar Met forecast Windy conditions and above average tempratures by about 3 degrees starting from tomorrow.

Due to the extension on Indian monsoon seasonal low over the region, fresh to strong northwesterly winds is expected to affect most areas of the country during daytime from Sunday until Tuesday.


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