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Outcry against Qatar-based cleric who defended suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia


Social-media commentators continue to lambast Qatar-based cleric Yousuf Al Qaradawi for what they say is his defence of suicide bombings after the recent attacks in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

Dr Qaradawi, a television host on Al Jazeera affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, has used various media to preach support for suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism as a valid means of intimidation.

The social media outcry against Dr Qaradawi followed public condemnation by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, who earlier this week tweeted that Dr Qaradawi should be held accountable for condoning these acts of violence.

Dr Anwar Gargash, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, has joined Dr Qaradawi’s denunciation, tweeting: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s historical association with violence and bloodshed is documented and well-known as are the fatwa justifying suicide attacks and the rule of the group decision over the individual will in this context.

“They should bear the consequences of the chaos and the violence to which they have contributed. We will continue to pay the price of their promotion of extremist speeches and of the insignificance of the individual before the group decision.


“Those who justify and deliver fatwas endorsing suicide bombings shall be held liable for the consequences, thousands of innocent people killed for power and authority under the cover of religion.

“In the debate going on Twitter between Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed’s tweet and Yousuf Al Qaradawi’s reply, YouTube is the judge and the evidence refutes the defence put forward by the Brotherhood mufti.”

Referring to a tweet by Tareq Al Suwaidan, A Kuwiati Muslim scholar Dr Gargash said that Brotherhood scholars were “embarrassed by Al Qaradawi’s video and fatwa about the suicidal attacks, the defence of theological hierarchy has begun”.

Many have taken to criticising Dr Qaradawi on social media using the hashtag #AlQaradawiisawarcriminal with some saying the cleric sold religion and vindicated the shedding of innocent blood.

Others claimed that if former British prime minister Tony Blair had apologised then Dr Al Qaradawi should follow suit because fatwas endorsing suicide attacks were a licence for suicide bombers to cause devastation and destruction.

Some Twitter users posted videos of the cleric condoning the attacks and even linked him to ISIL.


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