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Traffic signal decongests Salwa Road roundabout.

The problem of slow moving traffic and congestion at the Salwa Road roundabout has been solved to a great extent after a traffic signal was installed at the roundabout recently. The installation of the traffic signal has smoothened the flow of traffic from Doha and Al Rayan towards the Industrial Area.

Installation of the traffic signal has made our lives easier and saved us from hassles, said a motorists who frequently travels on this route.

In addition to the signal a bridge has been built over the roundabout and a tunnel has also been constructed below it in order to ease the flow of the traffic.

Earlier it used to take me at least an hour to cross the roundabout but after the signal has been installed the same has become a matter of minutes, added another motorist.


Speaking to Qatar Day, Mohammad Bari, who works in the industrial area said, “It was impossible to navigate the roundabout at peak hours, even the presence of traffic police patrols wasn’t effective, but thankfully things have changed now”.

During peak hours people trying to reach the roundabout usually took the road from Zoo signal through Al Murra and it almost always remained choked.

To avoid this congestion many motorists resorted to blatant violations of road traffic rules and blocked access to other motorists, with the installation of the signal and other measures such violations are expected to drop down drastically.


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