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Motorists cautioned to get tyres checked amid soaring temperatures.

Authorities in Qatar have advised motorists to replace worn-out tires as cases of tyre-bursting due to increasing temperature have come forward. At least two such incidents have taken place on Salwa Road, fortunately no damage to property or human life took place.

According to the regulations in Qatar, tyres must not be used beyond two years from the date of manufacture, which is carved on the side of each tyre. New tyres cost in the range of QR200-QR400.

“Motorists should change their tyres at the requisite time as tyres become weak and lose their integrity even though much wear and tear has not occurred” a tyre dealer told Qatar Day.

Tyre dealers are already under the radar of the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to prevent the sale of any substandard or expired tyres to the unsuspecting consumers, some outlets have even been penalised for duping the consumers.


The first incident of tyre burst on Salwa Road happened a day before Eid al Fitr whereas the second incident reportedly took place on the day of Eid itself in the Salwa Road tunnel, fortunately both incidents did not result into any casualties.

Elaborating on his tyre-burst experience a motorist said that he was aware that his tyres were worn out but he did not change them because he was planning to buy a new car.

This harmless delay in replacing the worn out tyres could have seriously put the motorist’s as well as other people’s lives in jeopardy. Motorists should therefore replace the tyres of their cars at the appropriate time before any untoward incident takes place because of them.


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