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Husband Threatens His OFW Wife Of Killing Their Children Because of Money

Children are very prone to maltreatment and physical abuse specifically from people older than them. Worst, these people who often inflict fear and abuse to these young children are not merely strangers but family members as well.

This Facebook post have been circulating online because of its horrific content. It is basically a death threat by the father to his own children.

Louie Padua posted on his own Facebook account a seemingly nerve-racking post about killing their two daughters if the mother, who is an Overseas Filipino Worker, refuse to send money to them as soon as the next day.



The said post captured the attention of netizens and a certain Dina Padohinog wanted to teach the man a lesson. She also posted the same disturbing messages to her own socal media account to alert authorities about the danger that these children might be facing in the hands of their own father.

It seems like money really has the ability to change the hearts of people and even this father wanted to kill his own children just for the sake of it.


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