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GOOD NEWS : Don’t arrest if you found Bullet in Passenger’s luggage.

The Incoming Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Ed Monreal will set the bar on total abolishment of the tanim-bala scam in 2015 and all the officials attached in this kind of corruption.

The incoming MIAA General Manager said that NAIA, in the new list of the worst airports in the world, still exists. Ed Monreal will combat this and will vehemently try to kicked NAIA on such list.

In one of his statements at the NAIA, he said that passengers who will be caught to have 1 bullet in their belongings will not anymore be apprehended; the bullet will just be confiscated and their names will just be recorded, however, for those passengers who will be caught to have two or more bullets on their bellongings, that is another story and will be under an investigation, however, upon their clearance they will be released as soon as possible.

For the new administration, high definition CCTv (closed circuit television) will be installed in amny areas of the airport just to ensure that this issue will no longer happen, also this is for the safety of the passengers.

In addition, there will be a 1 gigabyte free internet connection while passengers are there. The Aircon units will also be fixed so it would function well.


“A little bit of common sense, kung nasa bahay ka, may bahay ka, anong gusto mo sa bahay mo?” He added. (A little bit of common sense, if you are at home, what are the things you like?)

He also said, the they have already affiliated with the local aviation sector, under their agreement is the saniation of the whole aviation needs to be done and the government will not shoulder the costs for such santitation anymore.

All of these will happen on the first one hundred (100) days under the Duterte’s administration.

Watch it below : 


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