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A Snapchat Account Every Smoker Should See!

Aashish Mehrotra, a resident Mumbai uploaded a Snapchat story about the horrors of cancer and how it affects everyone around you and it will move you.

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He was an occasional smoker until a family friend passed away from the disease despite not smoking a single cigarette.




He had gone to the hospital to donate platelets and white blood cells and decided to tell people why he was quitting cigarettes.

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“During the donations, I would see families coming in and out of the oncology department, faces of despair, some of hope and others of lost hope,” Mehrotra told BuzzFeed.


“Something in me snapped, I couldn’t believe people, me, could be so naive.”


“I promised myself to not make it easy for cancer. I promised myself I would do whatever it takes to make sure my loved ones would not suffer because of my selfishness and stupidity.”


“I promised I would make everyone around me understand (even if they thought I was annoying or got mad at me).”


Follow him on on Snapchat at @AgniBankai.



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