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A Patch Of Their Lawn Collapsed, And Then?


Mowing the lawn is always a mundane task which has to done in order to keep your area attractive. But, a couple in England who were mowing the land had a shocker when a patch of the lawn just collapsed and what followed was disturbing for a brief period.

Apparently, they found rusty steps and the couple had no clue what to do next. This is what the lady had to say: “It is really odd as there are steps which lead down, but we don’t know what to and there was no lid or cover on it, I don’t want to fill it in case there is something historic down there, but it could just be a septic tank or something.”


Luckily, it turns out that the couple need not worry as the Buckinghamshire County Council solved their problem and it was just a tunnel which leads to nothing more than a drain.


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